Feeling a little lost


Hi Holly. Have you tried drinking something like Ensure to help maintain your weight? I knew someone once who lost their sense of taste due to a brain tumor and that is what she used.

Thanks Barbara! That is an idea. I do supplement with whey protein shakes on occasion now. I will say that because I only eat because I have to, that I generally make nutrient dense choices. My nutrition isn't lacking as much as my calorie count. I miss things like chocolate cake! I will check out the shakes when I get to the store.

Yes, Ensure is a good choice. I have to say though that I could never drink that stuff again. They used to make me drink it at least 3 times a day while I was in the hospital. It was either that or a feeding tube. Thye work to put the weight on. I never had to have a feeding tube.

I went to their sire and they have an internet coupon for $3 off...

Holly, Because I have aphasia, I have a very difficult time reading your blogspots. Sorry...hope all is well with you...

Louisa, is it the colors? I find I have an easier time reading white on black than black on white which is why I set it up that way. I will look and see if there is a plain text option if you are interested in reading them. I appreciate that you try! Thank you. :)

Hope you are doing well otherwise. xoxo