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Feel Good Story - my daughter's youth leader

With all of the bad news going on right now, I wanted to share a story with you. Clementine is/was one of the youth group volunteer leaders at our church. Both of my teenagers really enjoyed her and appreciated her. Just over 13 months ago, she was involved in a very dangerous and almost deadly car/cement truck accident. From a refugee camp in Rwanda to Grand Rapids, from almost death to life, watch her story, it will inspire you. It did me.


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Thanks for this. It’s a great story.

One of the things that amazes me about the body’s ability to recover from injury is that degree of recovery as we read here or in some of the stories on this forum. Before ever visiting this site, I’m quite sure I would have considered a stroke as something old people have, something almost always fatal or with very poor recovery and if I found myself one day in a hospital bed, like Clementine, with almost no function, head brace and a trach in, I think I would have thought, “That’s it, mate. Life is over.”

But it isn’t, is it? If ever we find ourselves in such a circumstance, we should have hope and encouragement that there is still more for us to do in life.

Thank you.

Best wishes all,