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Feedback for treating pulmonary AVMs at Stanford or UCSF

Has anyone have pulmonary AVMs treated at Stanford or UCSF and have any feedbacks? Stanford would be the closest to us but I am a little confused on which doctor to turn to - there seems to be multiple interventional radiologists who can perform the surgery!

Thank you!

@wjchou Hello I am area - My personal choice was to go with Stanford. I dont have pulmonary AVM but I have a rare AVM called a DAVF and I went with Dr Michael Marks at Stanford. I have had two surgeries with him and have full confidence with him. People travel from all over the country to see him- I personally dont want someone young operating on me for an AVM I want someone with experience, The only other person I would let operate on me is Michael Lawton at Barrow in Arizona and he was at UCSF when I still choose Dr Marks and Dr Lawton is good friend of my ENT. I have seen Dr Lawtons work and he is amazing. I also live closer to Stanford and I was already seeing the head of stroke at Stanford for a rare stroke I had prior to my AVM called CVST. Dr Marks is the founder and head of neuro radiology at Stanford. Let me know if you have any questions- Angela