Fear Creep

I'm feeling certain, and then fear creeps in-whether fed to me or created on my own. Is this natural with an AVM or just life?

I feel courageous and then a thought that I've already let torture me enters the scene - and the whole picture changes.

I've noticed a theme here that almost everything and every decision seems to be against the grain, a struggle. Does this have anything to do with the AVM?

Julie..Yes, I think anyone who has or had an AVM have moments of fear. I try to stay strong and stay positive, but there are certain days....You are not alone on this one!

I find that I'm more fearful in general since my little ordeal. I remember telling the neuro psych that the world is a very scary place when you have a brain injury. Before I didn't worry constantly that my husband or my children would be hurt or worse. Now some days it's all I can think about.I'm terrified of the thought of being alone for too long. That would have never happened before. I also have major anxiety issues which were never present before. I don't know that it is because of the AVM, but it's definitely because of the bleed, which is because of the AVM. I just mean I don't know if people who have not had a bleed necessarily have these thoughts. I think an injured brain can get kind of wonky sometimes.

Hi Julie,
I agree with Louisa & Trish.
We all go through a tremendous amount of physical & emotional "stuff" from diagnosis through treatment & recovery, so I think anxiety is unavoidable.
I too try to stay positive & count my blessings, but there are 'those days!' & 'those moments!' :0

I agree , I am more fearful. In fact I am always yelling and screaming because
1- I am fearful
2- because there is a lot of incompetence around me
I know that I can be pessimistic at times but other times I try to keep the hope that things can work outs
for the better
Try to stay positive in a hash world. The people on this site will help

Dear julie and others,

This "fearful" business, it hit a raw spot. I am more fearful now after twenty something years of having an AVM. I cannot voice all that i feel but i do feel that it is the anger of having an avm can make one fearful. I often find myself being fearful and angry about everything. It's hard to say where that comes from.
What do you all think?

Wow Julie!!! Fear creep is a great way to describe it!! I just can't decide if I get angry because I get scared or if I get scared because I get angry???? Or maybe I just get scared and angry because I am not invicible after all? Maybe a vunerablity that I did not really want to know about but now it has a name...AVM? If anyone has the answer please let me know cuz I could go on and on with the questions! lol
Hope this finds all of you well and having a good feelin' day!!!