Fatigue post GK

Hi everyone
I had Stereotactic Radiosurgery 2 & half weeks ago for my avm on my left parietal lobe. I am doing reasonably well except for what I think must be major fatigue. I wake in the morning feeling well, but about 2 hours later I have no energy or motivation to do ANYTHING! By 3:30-4pm I am falling asleep on the couch. What I find the most difficult is that my mind is so "alive" and alert but my body just doesn't want to do anything, I am spending a lot of my time on the couch but seem to be getting a bit emotionally exhausted since I can't seem to find the motivation to do anything physical. Are there many others out there with this?? My only other side effect has been at 1 of the pin sites at the back of my head where my hair has come out around it.
Thanks for reading :)

Hi There,
Know its been a while since you posted, so hope you dont mind me replying.
My partner has a large left parietal occipital avm. After his 1st treatment of STRS, he was also suffering severe tiredness and lack of motivation. Has this effect subsided for you now? Did you get any other side effects?
Gary has to have 3 STRS treatments 6 weeks apart, we had his 2nd treatment this week.
Doctors seem to know little about this all.
Would be good to talk to someone going through something similar?
Hope you are now starting to feel better since treatment.
Best Wishes
Kayleigh & Gary x x

Hi Kayleigh & Gary, Thanks for your response. I am pleased to report that I am feeling great!! Fatigue has finally gone and I have just finished working for a full week, the first in quite some time! I have not noticed any new side effects, I can still hear whooshing at night and occasionally I lose parts of my vision, balance and ability to speak properly but all of these never seem to last long. Fortunately I only had to have one treatment done and am not due back for check up until April next year (unless of course I have new problems/side effects etc). Im pleased I have decided to return to work, it definitely seems to help with motivating me! (While I am currently working full time it will be cut down to part time in a few weeks, dont want to over exert myself!)
Wishing you both all the best, good things take time!! xo

Hello JillNZ - for about a month after GammaKnife (my AVM was in my right Parietal/Occipital lob) all I did was sleep. After three weeks, I tried sitting up on a loveseat and watching TV, but I felt fatigue anyway. I haven't felt "alive" until after a month. I found it frustrating, because I was really anxious to get back to "normal."

I'm glad to hear that you are doing well, and that the fatigue is finally gone. :-)