Fatigue and tierdness

Hi All

Its been around 4 months now post op from my AVM being removed. I don't know how long it has taken you guys to get your stamina back, however after this time I still feel quite fatigued and can sleep for hours, even after a nights sleep.
When will it change and how long does this take??

I am back at work over the last couple of weeks and I have been taking it easy but come the weekend I could sleep all the time. Is this normal???

Hi Stuart,

I am also post AVM resection (done in January). I am almost glad to hear that I am not the only one suffering from severe fatigue! Prior to January, I was not a very good sleeper... since then - I can sleep 9-11 hours at night and still feel excessive fatigue. I went back to work fulltime three weeks after surgery, and admittedly I have a low stress/sitting job, but the fatigue has continued into my ninth month. I have even gained 25lbs since the surgery (and managed to quit smoking too). I don't think the doctors really enlighten us on how long it takes for the body to heal from this type of surgery.... Hope you begin to feel like your old self soon!

I had my surgery 6.5 months ago and no near ready to go back to work... I cant do much without suffering consequences for it. I did need rehabilitation and I have deficits. I dont need to nap in the day unless i really had a bad night!! BUt If i was physically good enough to go to work, maybe i would tire easier too!! I get tired and no strength and energy if I do anything physical. Carrying a basket of laundry will make my arms feel like jello for the rest of the day.

I had an emergency craniotomy on April 24th of this year. I've been tired/sleeping a lot since, but everyone on my care team assures me that's normal. I was told to be patient with myself, to realize I would get better but that it was going to take some time. That I had a long row to hoe ahead of me, a lot of healing to do before I felt my energy return. I was told the first six months were going to be the hardest, but that it might take as long as a year for me to feel entirely recharged, completely back to my old self again.

I have set up a group about this - search for the sleep nap group and share your sleep stories there!


Tiredness and fatigue are all too common symptoms of many of us here. I've found that doctors don't actually tell you anything about recovery from a brain injury aside from any physical defecits one might suffer. I'm 5 years post bleed/craniotomy. I still get very tired quickly. I also don't sleep well regardless of how tired I am. I don't know if it ever gets better but I sure hope so. No one else ever understands how tiredI can be. although my husband tries to. If anyone finds a magic pill please share!!