Fatigue and Organising things

I was wondering how tiring do you find organising things like trips, or holidays?

What are your coping strategies with having to organise things?

What do you find hardest?

Why is this so hard for arm people?


Lists......lots of lists. I have to make a list of the lists for the lists of things I need to do. Everything I need to do, even cooking dinner, anything involving multiple steps needs a list. And I don't know about anyone else, but I have to do everything in order. I can't skip a step or jump from one item to another on a list. I get very easily confused and the paper gets blurry.....then I end up crying in frustration. I have no coping skills. Hopefully someone on here has some and can pass along a tip or 2. But a good list is always helpful...and a good place to start.

I agree with kristi on the list thing. I used to be super ultra organized before my bleed. Now even looking at a cluttered closet or pantry or kid's room overwhelms me to the point of almost panic. I go with a one step at a time approach. With trips for the family the packing usually falls on my shoulders as my husband works crazy hours sometimes and I'm home all the time so it shoudl make sense, right? Also like kristi, I have to stay focused on what I am doing at the time and see it through to completion or I'll forget what I was doing and may never get back to it. I lay everything out in each kid's room along with the suitcase or bag that I'm packing it in. Go over the list and check everything off before moving on to the next room. I have lists for each kid, lists for things like food, lists for medications, lists for games, lists for snacks for the car. Seriously, for me it's the only way I can do it. Not the most efficient, but it's about all I can manage for now.

I echo Kristi and Trish. Making a list is essential or notes to myself on post-its.
Mental 'notes' to myself also work, but for short tasks only.
And I too feel overwhelmed and panic when 'I think' of cleaning or organizing clutter in the house and have to remind myself to just do a little at a time, take a break, then I'm 'ok.'

I don't go into my son's room anymore. He's 4....so it's ALWAYS a mess! I panic when I go in there. I see the top of his dresser is way too messy and suddenly I have to refold his drawers? It makes no sense. I see he has his toy trucks in his lego bin and I'm like, "ugh, now I need to separate." It's unnecessary...he doesn't care if his trucks are with his legos or his legos are with his bowling pins or his bowling pins with his play-do. It's self-sabotage! I don't even look at his room when I go passed it anymore. Just better to avoid it LOL