Fatigue after coming off of Keppra

Since my AVM rupture I’ve been dealing with fatigue however it had improved significantly.
I’ve been withdrawn from Keppra for just over 9 weeks however the fatigue I’m dealing with at the moment is quite bad. Is it a thing that coming off of Keppra can increase fatigue even after 9 weeks ?

Welcome! It’s great you found us. I see you had. SRS, I did as well back in 2016 and am also AVM free. I can’t help with this specific question about Keppra, I was fortunate and avoided seizure medication. I know we have a lot of folks who may be able to pass along some experiences, so I imagine some will jump in over the course of a few days. I had a bleed in May 2016 and then Gamma knife in November of 2016 with the all clear in February of 2019. Take Care and once again, welcome! John.

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Woah you had your treatment very quickly, but I’ve noticed this has been the case for a lot of people. It was almost 18 months between rupture and treatment which was very frustrating.
I was only on the Keppra because I had some brain swelling which caused a seizure. Radiation caused me to have so many issues so that was really annoying.

I’m so pleased that your AVM free, it is such a relief and takes so much stress away.

Thank you for your kind words

It’s been a while for me, but… I started having seizures 6 months after my cranioplasty in 2014. My Neurologist added Keppra to the Dilantin and I seemed to do OK until I had a seizure, fell out of my office chair and suffered a mild concussion from hitting the floor. The Dilantin started messing with my head, so doc took me off that, went to Keppra XR bid and later added Lamotrigine XR bid. I’ve been seizure free since Sept ‘18. The Keppra made me sleepy for about the first two-three weeks then I was and have been fine. The Lamotrigine has a slight smoothing effect on my brain.I read that it is used to treat some bi-polar disorders, too. Hmmm. Lots of Keppra alternatives. You and your doctor just have to find one that’s right for you.
All the best.

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Interesting. My seizures started 6 months after cranioplasty and was on Dilantin, which I didn’t like and was put on Keppra XR. It made me a little groggy for about 3 weeks, but I’ve been fine since. 8 years now. Lamotrigine is one of the alternatives.
All the best,

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