Fast forward to April

April 16. the doctors have been great. My wife has been amazing. My church has been outstanding. Above all Jesus Christ has been so wonderful! I am recovering and dealing with little problems. I have a pretty steady tremor in my left side. I don’t walk as well as before. But the Lord is faithful! I’m working through these weaknesses, counting it all as a blessing and a gift, because I’m forced to depend on Him more. I need to anyway! My hope is that in my weakness, others will see that I’m here because of Him and that’s it! Hopefully they’ll figure a way to keep me from shaking, but until then, I’ll “boast of my weakness for in my weakness, He (Christ) is made strong.” What a ride. Keep strong in knowing that it happened for a reason and He ain’t through with you yet!

Amen! Thanks for posting this Paul…its SO true.

Another Amen! God is so good! Counting the blessings is the best way to hold onto hope for the future. I too am aware of the great blessings I have been given. Thanks for sharing some encouragement! Blessings, Kelly