Family surgeries

Just an update on my families surgeries. Mayme is almost healed up now, in the final stage where the incision scar fades away. Mayme`s mom got an infection about a week after her hysterectomy so that has slowed down her recovery, she is moving around a little but not to much, still very sore. Tuesday we try again for my angiogram. Hopefully I get to have it so I can get that out of the way.

Hi John,

Happy to hear that Mayme is well on the way to healing, but I’m sorry that Mayme’s mom’s recovery has been sidetracked by an infection. I had an infection to deal with when I had my hysterectomy a number of years ago, but everything eventually got better.

May everything fall in place for your angiogram this time.

Take care,


great news john about mayme and her mum will be just fine, remember, positive affirmation !!!

all will be good with your angiogram too mate xxxx keep us posted