Familiar faces @ CNS 2019

Some “heavy-hitters” in the AVM community @ CNS 2019 in SF last week.
(Congress of Neurosurgical Surgeons annual mtg)
L to R Dr.s Levi, Lawton, Ivan, Starke These gentlemen are cutting edge neurosurgeons and always pursuing new advancements at events like CNS. Best, GK


I hope you told them “hi” from Ben’s Friends/ AVM Survivors. As you say, they are well known here. I’m in the UK and I’ve heard Dr Lawton’s name a gazillion times.



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I didn’t go this year. Dr. Starke shared this photo to LinkedIn. I thought it would be nice to put faces to names of surgeons we have heard much about. GK

Got you! Yes, it’s good to put a face to the names.

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