I forget the author, but no worries-- IT WASN'T ME !! I just want to give credit where credit's due!+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Something along the lines "Faith is believing when your heart tells you, it just Ain't so! Sorry, having a very weak moment. I met my husband in 1990 we were 20 and 19, respectivly, eventually married bore 6 children, YES 6! He has told me my personality is Too different, since the bleed, as if the interruption of the Limbic system wasn't enough, add to that the trauma of the life chages and crainiotomy! Of course I'm a little different! I know we Vowed. 'sickness and in health', 'good times and in bad' , but here we are almost a year into a Separation, after 20 some years side by side I can hardly bear the pain of being separated and I attempt to counsel myself--what if, what if the shoe was on the other foot? Just trying to have a little faith and see the purpose in all this pain ? I AM a Christian, and it Is Sunday, so I am cosidering my Lord's plans.....

Even though you cannot see Him…God is watching over you!

Hello Nicole
I am so sorry to hear about this news about your husband. when I had my stroke and in a coma last year my husband said my roommate who had also had a stroke that the wife told the nurses that she was not coming back and just left her husband who was in a coma. Of course we think everything will always be fine then we get knocked down by an illness, job loss, etc. We have to keep our faith and look to God and people who are in our lives to support us. Stay strong and know that God loves you and We are all here for you. Be kind to yourself and do something that makes you happy each day.

Hey Nicole - you are never alone - I have to remind myself that when things feel too overwhelming for me, the big cahoona's got my back.

6 kids? You guys had some fun creating them. =)

Hi Nicole...You have your Faith and us to help you!...Stay strong, positive and always Keep the Faith!

Thanks Barabara, but it brings to mind Oprah's frequent comment "if they say God Never gives you more than you can handle... he's got way Too high opinion of me!" I remember that frequently with a chuckle!
something about singing in the rain and Cheers,

Perhaps this is why I have faith. I thought a water ditching was not really survivable. I have been a Flight Attendant since 1985. Never had seen one where everyone survived…Sully proved me wrong…Go Sully.
I believe in miracles!

Hello again Nicole! As always, I understand your pain my friend and I do understand what Faith is. Faith and this Network & friends I have met here are the only things kept me going when I was kicked out by my husband when I need him the most! Recently, he has been calling me daily asking me to go back to him as he "misses" me, so I have had to look at my life now very clearly and have come up with the following:
1. Do I want to live with a man who kicked me out when I really needed him?...........NO!
2. With a man who wanted nothing to do with me for the first 6mths we were apart?.....NO!
3. With a man who never came to see me when I started having seizures>\?..............NO!
4. With a man who now says it's ok now as I am getting better?........................NO!
5. With a man who wants me to help him move house as heis running out of money?.......NO!
6. With a man who wants me for part of my pension?....................................NO!
7. With a man who wants a housekeeper?................................................NO!
8. With a man who does nothing but sit and watch T.V. & play games & watches Porn? NO!
About 6 mths ago if he had asked me to go back, I probably would have, but now, I know that I deserve so much more! Not necessarily with another man, but with LIFE!! I am starting to build a life for myself and he has no part of that. Today, I asked him what part of "NO" does he not understand but it was on deaf ears as he only thinks about himself! So, thanks, but NO thanks. I will survive because WE are Survivors Nicole and Survive I will stay!! Take care my friend.xxxx

Lesley, I'm so proud of you! I remember not too long ago trying to reassure a much smaller, more shy Lesley that she would be okay. So many of us were telling you that you deserved better and that you were better off without that ass of a man! I see now that you understand that and that you know this to be the truth. And here you are helping someone else because of your experience. You are truly remarkable my friend. I'm so glad you've realized how wonderful you are and know that you deserve only the best.

Hey Lesley...well said!

We have a post written by our patient on faith.

Take care.