Faith and Science

Those of us who suffered a terrible AVM, and were close to death needed all the help we could get to recover. Should we look for help from medical science, or help from our religion?

In my case I was too ill to worry about it one way or the other. When I collapsed to the floor with my cerebral bleed
I thought I was dying and I still believe that I was very
close to death. wife decided all such matters for me. She approved
all the medical plans made for my 8 hour operation, and
for my long stay in the hospital. But she also prayed for me and asked individuals and some whole churches, both
"Protestant" and "Catholic", to also pray for my recovery.
This even after one doctor told her that I would not
recover. Of course, just to live after an AVM is not saying
much...we have to also recover enough to have a real life outside of the hospital.

Since that time I thank medical science for what they
did and I thank God and his forces also for what they did
and I am not shy about it. Some people are angry with me
for thanking Heaven for the healing and others are angry with me for thanking medical science.

So if you are near death after an AVM, don't give up and
I think it is the right advice to recommend asking your
doctor to help you, and also asking Heaven. It worked for me.

Hi John, Well, I learned and finally comprehended about 3 years after my rupture that yes I should have died but I didn't realize my condition. I am grateful to God, medical science and of course, my husband for my life. Actually, I have joked that God didn't want me yet so hence my existence ... lol. Yes, prayer is one of my life strategies and I will keep you in my prayers. Thanks, John.

Thank you, Susan.
I like what you wrote.
I have thought also that I was not taken because I needed
much improvement yet, while many AVM patients who were taken
were ready to go because they were ahead of me.