Failed Marriage after AVM bleed

We saw that marriage councillor last week. From that session I learned the following,

  • she married me, because she settled, culture, thing to do & not love

  • she has anger / rage issues when she sees me, because she cannot contain her anger leading to verbal abuse

  • She says that her rage is an expression of her frustration & disappointment that she settled and took it out on me.

  • she says that none of this is my fault.

  • She thought she’d get full custody with me only allowed weekend access, I reminded her the last time we separated, it was my father who did the drop off and collection, it was me who minded the kids on Tues, Weds, Thurs evening + all weekend at my parents house, also I was off work from Nov 23rd 13 till Jan 06th 14, no one could look after the kids and turn around and say I’m not capable laughable.

  • she admitted she’s a controlling person and gets angry when he structure is not maintained, and she often gets angry with the kids

  • she feels that as she’s completed a six week anger mgmt course in the past it’s cured her, upon reflection she still has issues, which my fear for the kids.

So now I need to work out what’s best for the kids, they cannot be moved school etc…

Spoke to her dad who feels, disappointed, but she wants a divorce, there’s nothing no one can do.

So now I’m left with asking dad if he’d consider leaving / selling Wembley and we as a family buy her share of this house, which her dad thinks is a good idea.

I am sorry, Bhav. Sometimes it comes to this. I hope better times are ahead for you!