Failed embolization

Hi everyone

I’m new to the group, I live in North West England.
I was diagnosed with a pulmonary arteriovenous malformation in November 2019 and treated in February 2020.

All seemed well, I fell pregnant in July and my follow up appointments were delayed for a good while as CT isn’t done while pregnant and breastfeeding.

I had my CT in February this year and it appears the embolization failed, my avm is still present and filling yet slightly smaller.

I’m just waiting to hear back what’s next.

I’m a bit nervous about it and unsure whether that’s because I’m worried about the procedure and that they’ll say leave it as it is.

Has anyone else had a failure with embolization, what happened next?

Thanks in advance

Bec :blush:


Hi. I had an AVM in the back of my head which was treated with embolization. When I saw the doc, he indicated that he may need one “approach” to it or he may need two. Fortunately, in my case, I needed just one.

I’d say it is perfectly common for embolization to be undertaken in more than one step and this is the reason for the follow up angiogram: to see how effective the first pass has been and to see if there is any residue to be tidied up. So try not to think of it in terms of a “failure” but as step 1 of hopefully 2.

In my case, I felt that the first embolization hadn’t been successful and it was me lobbying the doctor for a third scan but in my case, it was simply a matter of being patient: each scan showed that my embolization was effective (but I can tell you it is perfectly possible to worry about this stuff even when one is all fixed!)

Hope this helps,


Thanks Richard that’s a good way to see it.

I didn’t know it could partially work.

I watched it vanish during the procedure and thought job done.

I’m glad you are doing okay and haven’t had any recurrent issues.


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Yes, I’m fine.

It took a long time for me to be convinced I was all fixed and honestly, I looked upon having a second embolization as not too difficult a thing to go through. I had been warned by my doc that he might need two goes at it, so I was in the right mindset from that point of view but I’m not very brave at all when it comes to this sort of thing. I was more than happy to have a second go (because I didn’t feel “fixed”).

I think much of what we go through is what we mentally put ourselves through. If you can go easy on yourself that way, you’ll do much better than me!

Very best wishes,


I can understand that completely.
I feel like it’s something I don’t want left inside me, I have four children and the thought of having a stroke or worse and not being there for them is so overwhelming.
I know that must sound dramatic, I feel like a bit of a fraud.
It’s like health anxiety is in overdrive.
I have so many questions.