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Facial Paralysis

I have left side facial paralysis following craniotomy to remove Brainstem CM. I recently saw a DR in Houston about restoring symmetrical function. The best I could find in Atlanta was someone who would sever the working nerve that controls the left side of my tongue and redirect it to control my cheek area. The Houston DR will attempt microsurgery to splice onto the same nerve keeping tongue function. He also splices onto the cheek nerves on the functioning side. In the shorter term the tongue nerve babysits the cheek until the cheek grafts grow in. Then in a year the second surgery gives symmetrical movement to the face. Best case. Worst case probably death from complications during surgery or additional paralysis to the right side cheek and left side tongue.
I have been using a tens unit to work my face which was helping keep the muscle viable but did nothing for the nerves. Comments?

I admire you for having the strength and determination to find a doctor, and the willingness to do it. I know there are no guarantees with surgery, but in the words of Ben Franklin, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” I wish you all the best!

Hi, J - check out this testimonial from a Bell’s Palsy patient who did acupuncture with my Ninja CMD. The pictures alone speak for themselves and are worth the click. You’re hardcore, BTW. Best wishes as you seek the right treatment :slight_smile:

Thanks Ann! I have been researching acupuncture and it looks like it will definitely have benefits post surgery. My current nerve damage is in the brain stem where it can’t reach.