Facial Paralyses

Hello and strength to all of you effected by AVMs.
is there anyone on this forum who has had their AVM result in facial paralyses?
My right side is numb and paralyzed. I would love to know if movement has returned to the face and how long it’s been. Thanks :wink:

I had an AVM and a stroke in May, 2011. The bleed caused me to have paralysis on the left side of my face (among other things). Two months later, I went to acupuncture to get rid of it. I don’t remember how long it took with acupuncture but I am sure it was no longer than 3 months.

Thank you so much Wendy! You give me hope! I am going to try acupuncture. I am at therapy, have been for 3 months but no improvement as yet. Thanks again!

Never give up hope. I had face paralysis, a limp, and my left hand was curled up (don’t know any other way to describe it). All that is left as a physical reminder from the stroke, is my left eye sometime tears up. My brain is still healing but it is showing much improvement. I still have aphasia and problems concentrating, but I am hopeful that I will improve. My improvement is gradual but when I look back at where I was in May, it is truly a miracle.

hiya Candice, my whole left side is paralyzed, my face, my vocal cord my arm my leg and my memory. It has been 2 years since my bleed and resulting Crani. All paralysis is improving. My face is about 25% better. With the left hand, arm and leg lagging sadly behind ! I guess if i worked harder and more diligently i could move things along faster. But, my face and throat have seen the best recovery of all my paralysis! Those Thick-it days thankfully a blur in the rear-view mirror!

Thank you Wendy and Nicole. I am glad you are both healing. It is terrible that healing fully can take so long but time does fly. It sounds like you both have had massive inflictions as a result of your AVMs. My worst was not being able to walk which I can do (poorly) now. I have major ataxia which is relieved by meds. The paralysis I am hoping to fix soon! I made an appointment with an acupuncturist on Tuesday!

Good luck to you both on you journeys and thank you again for the hope you have inspired.

Thank you Angelaok,
Wow! You also really give me hope!
I’m so glad your paralysis came right.

Hey Candice!

I had surgery Oct. 2006 to remove the avm from my cerebellum. While they told me the surgery was successful I had some "minor" facial palsy as a result. Since I lost health insurance shortly afterward, I did nothing to treat the facial palsy. I did have some improvement in the face that was visible (it's going on 5 years now) but the palsy is still there. Wendy mentioned acupuncture (thank you Wendy) and this has also renewed my hope and I scheduled an appt for this Tuesday to get treatment. I will post how it goes. Thank you for starting this discussion and know that we can and will always help each other out. Hope you're feeling well.

Hello Suzy,

Thanks for your post. I also have an acupuncture appointment for Tuesday! So excited. It will be interesting to compare notes. Other than your face, how are you feeling since your surgery in 2006?

Way dizzy… All the time… Some numbness in my arms and legs and double vision ever since the surgery (but the prisms correct that). Otherwise, just fine! It was life changing but it was a well needed wake up call too. :slight_smile: Hope you’re doing well.

Thank you Ninibeth.

So I went for my acupuncture yesterday and it felt like it should work.The acupuncturist has scheduled me every second day. I have no idea how long it will take but I am very excited and hope hope hope it will work for me! She is even treating my nausea!

I also had an appointment yesterday for acupuncture but just had one treatment so I really can't report any results. Right now the acupuncturist said three or four more treatments. Oh and I'm doing the facial exercises too... but mine has been going on for awhile... we'll see!