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Facial AVM and smoking


For many many years my greatest vice was smoking, and to be fair i still fight not smoking to a point.

I worked in an environment that supplied cheap cigarettes ( oil industry ) and so smoked as if it was going out of fashion, which i now know is, but i also noticed in the last 3-5 years my AVM would grow in size depending how much i smoked, on the days i hardly touched one it would decrease dramatically, and on the days that i did in excess it would increase a lot, but to my pearl this would not stop me.

I then started using an E-cig in my quest to try to stop but this made things even worse and concluded it was the nicotine that was causing the increase of size, to quite a worrying size.

I wonder if anyone that does or did smoke ever noticed this or am i alone in this observation.

Luckily i have not touched a cigarette in over a year now but do still fight the dreaded addiction, but my wake up call has significantly helped and i no longer feel quite so drawn to it.


Hey Dave, I smoked for about 10 years heavily - mainly in my twenties - and it did not really change the size of my AVM, but when I hit thirty, the blood started to spread in my cheek. Not sure if it is related - doctors do not know either, and say it might just be the result of getting older...For sure it does not help to smoke, and congrats for your year without cigarette:)


Hey Zabbie, hope all is good.

Thanks for the reply, for me i could actually see over a few hours the decrease or increase in size depending on how much i smoked, was well odd.

Yeah am well glad i no longer puff the things.


I have an AVM on my upper lip & cheek. I also smoke & i was wondering the same thing.


have you noticed any change, mines would get bigger the more i smoked. The only thing i can put it down to was the fact that smoking causes increased adrenalin and so causes higher blood pressure and constricts the blood vessels, heart beats faster and in my own opinion must also increase the flow/pressure to any AVM.

Defo did with mines, that included ecigs, they actually made mines worse than traditional smoking did.


idk,its really hard to tell tbh.

Have you noticed a big difference when you quit?