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Facial AVM and pregnancy


I have facial AVM n have 2 kids.I was also told not to get pregnant.


Hello Mahgul! So how did you pregnancies go? Where is your facial AVM?



My only son is 35 years old. My pregnancy awoke my AVM and it became 'wild' i started to bleed after my son was born and got very painful headaches and bleeding. I am being treated in NYC since 2006 by Dr. Gregory Levitin and Dr. Rafael Ortiz, great doctors both! My father who also was a doctor BEGGED me not to have any more children, he believed that the hormonal changes in my body were the cause of my AVM 'awakening'. I obey my dad and only had one son, Which I do not regret that decision. As of now other hormonal changes like menopause, stress have my AVM in a constant change of size and condition. Pregnancy and AVM do not mix am I convinced.
Good luck to you.