Eye Sight

Beloved AVM Survivors…I went to see my Eye Doc and was told that the part of my eyes that were damaged due to my Brain Bleed are doing so much better than when they took the test 3 months after my bleed! It’s been almost 2 years since my brain bleed, so I suggest to my AVM friends, have yourself checked. My Neuro Docs told me that I would probably only get better after the first 6 months…and for me that’s not true. I am getting better and better, each and every day! Keep trying!

That’s great to hear Loiusa. Perhaps there’s hope for me yet. I’m about 1 1/2 years post bleed and I’ve seen no improvement in my vision. Did you do anything special to help?

Actually Trish, I think I still thought I had a problem with my vision at the 1 1/2 year point! BUT all at once, I started to think I could see better by working on it. Once I felt better, I made my Eye Doc appt. What I did was move thinigs all the time so my vision had to see things in different places in the house…I know it’s crazy, but I think it worked…I cannot say anyone else could have that change, you know that…but for me…my vision started to improve.

Love you Girl,

Great news! How cool is that really? An unexpected improvement always seems so much better than the expected kind. :slight_smile:

Someone asked me how I got my vision better…I turned my whole house around so that I had to look at things differently alot! I think that’s how I got part of my eyes healed! I am going to put this on a Blog, maybe it will help other people!

Wonderful news and wonderful advice for all of us!

Take care,