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Thanks for this. I’ve just been told I won’t drive again after my AV fistula. It was in the back on the right side of my brain, which has damaged the optic tract and thus knocked out peripheral and field vision. Praying it will heal and for the moment looking into eye training options. Prism glasses sound plausible, but I can’t use them to take the eye tests which will allow me to drive!


Hi Doonie. I’ve been told I won’t drive again as my peripheral vision is damaged after an AV Fistula. I’m looking at options for vision therapy but the medical people say brain and nerve tissue doesn’t regenerate or heal. I’m lifted by some people who say they could drive again after a few months. You did the right thing in signing yourself off to drive. I’m in the UK too, and your insurance is invalid if you drive when you’re not supposed to.


Tactus has an app that trains for left neglect.
It has helped me with my scanning and reading but I can never drive again. too much damage to my right occipital lobe but I dont walk into as many walls as I use to, and I can walk through crowds a little better now so it has helped some.


Thanks Mike - I’ll check it out!


Hi everyone, I lost my left preferial vision on both eyes after having a bleed during embolizations on my AVM. That was 10 years ago. I can’t drive which I still miss terribly. I would give anything to drive again as I miss the independance it brings. I have no problem with reading but I still walk into things and people but not all the time. It could be worse as my 16 year old son reminds me when I complain about having to walk in the rain. I’m here for my children and have seing them growing up from 8, 6 & 2 to now and hopefully many more years to come. Best of luck to everyone who are going through procedures at this time and to those who have completed theirs. Thanks for all yer stories I don’t feel so alone when I read them.


Roche you are not alone; the loss of independence is difficult but things are manageable…most of the time.


Mike its good to hear from someone in the same position. Its manageable but difficult sometimes as I often bang my head off doors as I don’t see them if on my left or if I go to pick up something I hit my head off counter or table. Thanks Cheers Carmel