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Thanks for the reply,Mike now that you cann't drive anymore did you look into any disablity compensation? And with the info that you cann't drive, can you read and do everything else ok? Thanks agian Xman


yes i receive disability. reading is slow as i have to keep scanning left to find the left margin and next sentence.
i had a small right frontal stroke that affected my left side but theoccipital avm was mostly left periphreal vision.


Thank you Mike,sorry for asking personel questions, but was it hard to get diability? Thanks agian


they denied it the first time as they said the inability to drive was not an inability to work. they approved it later as the stroke caused left side numbness snd short term memory issues.my neurologist assessment is what helped me get it in the end as she said i was incapable of working.

i dont find anything too personal. we are all trying to get as much info and support as we can to deal with our issues.


Thank you agian, i do aprreciate all the info you have shared, just looking to the future with my son. Thanks Xman


My son had a bleed in March 2014. He has lost vision on his left completely. Not sure will he ever drive. he has to be encouraged to actively look left to see his glass of milk at the table , his book etc. He finds crowds difficult. But it’s not a bad outcome.


Thanks for replying on my question. My son went to a eye/ neuroligist specialist last week, and had 2hr testing, he now found he can no longer drive, i think he is alittle releived what he himself was thinking about the troubles he was having driving, but bumbed no more driving. Specialist didn't think his eyesight would get any better in time. Just has to change habbits. Thanks agian Xman


Martin, In North Carolina you aren’t allowed to drive if you are Keppra unless you have not had a seizure for a year. I am still waiting- had my AVM rupture in Sept 2015.


Hi Jchef- thanks for pointing out what the law is in your particular state. Every state and country may well be different. Since we are almost in September, here’s to hoping you are able to drive again soon, if that’s what you want to do :slight_smile:


Because of the AVM I have lost right sided peripheral in both eyes. The right eye about 50% gone, the left eye about 30% gone. And yes, driving is the most intense experience every time due to missing vision. Best of Luck to your son & yourself.


This may be old news but the guys at Harvard (Schepens Eye Research Institute) have come up with a pretty simple solution for hemianopia Loss of peripheral vision) Their Peripheral prism glasses have helped a bunch of folk get driving again or at worst lots less trippings. It takes a specialized optometrist, but most good Opthmaolagists have a connection. Its made a ton of difference for my granddaughter who can finally go down steps.




Skippy, how did you find out what percentage you lost- did they test you in the hospital or did you have to see a special eye doctor when you got out?


Stay positive! You are right, could be worse. God bless



So close​:sunny:️:tada::+1:



They didn’t find it till the 1st check-up following hospital stay, led to eye sight specialist, who found out where I had sight and not. Found out before the removal surgery, but were not able to make any changes to my sight. I was cleared to drive 22 years ago, have had my Neuro Doc has pulled it a couple of times, only 6 to 8 months. My right eye is/was “Lazy”, eye surgeon "fixed " it.


Hi, I had a double bleed on March of 2014. I’ve had embollisation and gamma knife procedure in March 2015. My AVM was situated on the left occipital lobe. My eyesight was ok to start with and consequently I was given permission by the DVLA (UK) to start driving again. Over the last four months I’ve started to have trouble with my sight. I’m struggling to read and cannot read subtitles quickly enough before they change. My MRI scan has been brought forward and am awaiting the results. I gave taken the decision to stop driving again as I’m fearful of anything happening whilst driving. Has anyone else had this happen? It’s quite scared, frightened of another bleed. Short term memory is rubbish and remembering words too.


Yeah, I know how inconvenient it was & how dependant on others when that happens. Especially if you have no one to turn to. 3 times my Neuro “asked” me not to drive until further notice. 9 months was the longest. I understood then & I understand now the importance having a Neuro Doc “on staff”, listen to what they tell you & follow instructions, ESPECIALLY if you can keep the same one for years.
I find myself turning my head more to one side to compensate for lack of peripheral vision on side. Don’t drive during rush hour or the interstate. If I don’t research or get detailed directions, I’ll be gone for a while.



I had a resection of an AVM in my right temporal lobe which knocked out a layer of vision on my left side.  Since the brain compensates (or, tries to make sense of missing information) I do not see what is missing, so therefor I have to purposefully look to see what is really there. After a very short time post-op I realized that I couldn't trust that misinformation (i.e.: Not seeing people crossing the street from the left) and have since compensated with scanning and can drive comfortably. I cannot speak for the level in which other's vision is affected, but in my personal experience, I have been able to compensate and drive safely.


My mom had a craniotomy to remover her AVM which was located in the part of the brain that controls her vision one week ago today. The AVM was discovered after a severe headache and blurry vision on 9/23. It bled and so she had no choice but to remove it. She has vision problems now. Will it get better? I know she’s only one week post-op, but she’s so depressed she can’t do the things she enjoys (cooking, reading, movies, puzzles). She seems so depressed :frowning:


Hi Mike. I’ve just been told I won’t drive again after my AV fistula. It was in the back on the right side of my brain, which has damaged the optic tract and thus knocked out peripheral and field vision. Praying it will heal and for the moment looking into eye training options.