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Have a question, my son age 29, had a AVM on right side of skull, was removed a year ago. What i was wondering he lost some of his sight, it bothers him the most when driving. Just any idea's to help him, doctors he could see, or will this ever get any better? Thanks if anyone has any feed back. Xman


I think this is pretty common depending on the location of the AVM
the eye is made up mostly of collagen so not sure if its able to repair itself
Maybe take him to an eye specialist who deals with eye disease they may know of something to aid the healing process.

My eye sight is not great right when I wake up but gets better unless I have a migraine
I stay in dark room or wear sunglasses esp if I am in a place that uses those terrible lights which usually trigger a migraine.

I also wont watch any fast pace shows or movies or games. Like today I have a migraine and I am watching old movies on TMC




Have you taken your son to your local Opthomologist or a Neuroopthomologist, which you can usually find at a teaching hospital. Was there nerve damage to the eye during surgery? Have you been back to your Neuro to talk about it?


Hi xman, I was told that this would be a possibility for me as my AVM was in my right side also, But here in the UK you are not allowed to drive with these sight issues, Since everyone's AVM's and treatments are different the best person to ask about this would be the surgeon or team that treated your son, What have they said about it ?, I went to my optician 3 days after leaving the hospital after my 2nd Craniotomy to get a full check on my vision as I knew that driving would be affected if there were issues, Thankfully for me there were no problems and I was driving again after a year off, Made me realise that driving is a nice to have and not a necessity (At least here and for me), I hope you get good feedback from your sons neurologist .



Thanks Debra, my son has been to a Opthomologist, and going to see a Neuroopthomologist at the end of the month. Thank you for your suggestions.


Thank you Martin, I will pass this on to him about checking with his neurologist. Thank you agian


Hi I had the same thing and it turns out I just need to wear glasses when reading etc so best to seek medical advice… God bless!


Nueroopthamaligist helped me. Good advice


Thanks Adrian, for the info.


Hi there, my AVM is also on the right side, I had a severe bleed and my vision was affected. When I came to, my vision was very blurry and my glasses didn’t really help me anymore, that has since gotten better. However, I still have peripheral loss on my left side. I’m hopeful it will return but it’s been 9 months now and my neurosurgeon said 6 so I really don’t know. I have not driven much since my headaches have gotten worse but it was certainly annoying when I did. I used to enjoy driving but it seemed more like a chore after the bleed. Before my head got bad, I was in touch with an eye doctor who specialized in visual therapy. He did exercises and had a lot of experience working with people after traumatic brain injuries. So you may want to see if there are any docs like that around you. Best of luck to you and your son!


Jeannine, thanks for your information on how it has effected your life, everyone who has given me information dealing with eye sight problems has help my son and i. I thank you very much.


There is a treatment offered by a company called sightscience in Aberdeen called Neuro eye therapy. It has very mixed reviews on the internet, but it does seem to help me. If you are in the UK, it is not available on the NHS but you can get it as a private treatment. I think there are similar treatments available in Germany or the USA.


Thanks so much Kay M, i will pass this info on to my son.



My son has a vision deficiency after an AVM rupture in his left temporal lobe we went to a vision specialist who tried different therapies including "cromotherapy" while there was some improvement it did not come all the way back. Also went to a Neuroopthomologist, she was able to map exactly where the issue was and was able to determine if his vision issues would eventually resolve, in his case probably not. But she also taught him ways to compensate for the vision deficiency so as to be able to drive etc. I would suggest going to the Neurooptomologist for definitive answers.

Goos luck and best wishes.



Bojo,Thank you for sharing this information, very helpful, will pass this on to my son.


I seen an eye dr not the one that just does an eye exam. The other one I can’t ever remember which name goes with which. Anyway I seen the higher “skilled” one recently after failing 2 eye exams when getting my contacts last yr. Turns out even though my avm is deep in my left temporal lobe it has taken away my peripheral vision in my right eye. I would go to a good eye dr in your area. But no ot wig come back, for me at least it’s gone.


my avm was on my right occipital and parietal lobes. i lost my left periphreal vision. you learn to compensate but i can never drive again.
he is young so his situation may improve.


hey there, my daughter suffered a AVM hemmerage & stroke almost 2 yrs ago now, she was 10 when it happend. She used to have really bad headaches & she had very poor vision before all this, so natuarlly lead to falling behind in school. After her stroke--rehab she had a very hard time focusing & she came home with no perefferal vision on the right side, eventally mo later that came back..we took her to chop's neuroopthmalogist they said her vision had improved so much they didn't think she needed to wear her strong glasses, that was a year ago. went to get her eyes rechecked recently & it turns out her vision is still pretty bad, she is wearing glasses again but can see, just they said her eyes are over working to focus. Your eyes can change , all I can recommend is yearly eye check ups to & get them to check the eye pressure, her pressure was normal this last time. Good luck , her teacher did visual perception exercises with her getting her to focus & find hidden pic & such that helped alot, she was a bit color blind after her stroke, she can see them fine now. hope this is helpful, in any way


Thank you, desertlily83, the information you have shared is helpful.Hope things progress for your daughter to. Thank agian Xman