Extremity Doctors in Texas? Newly diagnosed Pain/numbess


Hi everyone, new to this site. I recently found out that i have an AVM (left ankle) do any of you have recommendations for radiologists/specialits in Texas? I moved from Houston to South Texas but sadly I do not trust they have the expertise here.

I have had pain most of my life but after recently being prescribed Birth Control to treat ovarian cysts the pain became unbearable. Initially they thought it was a benign tumor and ordered to stop taking birth control because it was contributing to its growth. By the time i did stop medication and was seen by a radiologist i had zero pain and so he recommended i wait on any treatment plan since i was doing fine and to take a daily aspirin. Well now my pain is back if i excercise or chase my kids around for example and now im noticing numbess/tingling in my toes at night so i think its time to get checked out. I will say the pain i have now is more frequent and intense, it really affects my day to day. I dont know if this is my new normal since I am getting older or simply im overanalyzing my symptoms because I know I have an AVM. Any advice, suggestions or thoughts are appreciated! God bless!


I went for an opinion of a radiology oncologist in Austin by the name Dr. Ghafoori who was referred to me by my neurosurgeon Dr. Ramsey Ashour. When I met Dr. Ghafoori he has great bedside manor and takes the time to explain things thoroughly and answer questions. I have not received treatment yet but I have been told by several in the field that Dr. Ghafoori is who receives the challenging cases because of his expertise. He may be worth the drive for you to come up from STX. Hoping the best for you and finding the right doctor!!


Try birthmark.org for referrals


Look for specialty Interventional Radiology. April may have a good lead thereā€¦ It is good her surgeon referred her. Oncology scares me but these are the same docs who provide pain reduction during hospice. It does not mean you have cancer!


I would agree, it is a neuro intervential radiologist who would be best to see.