Extreme fatigue

Not sure if members have seen this before. But its an interesting article.


2 years since my avm rupture and I still cant make it through a day without a nap… frustrating to say the least!

@Lulu1 Thank you for sharing the article I think some people might beat them selves up because they still need to sleep longer or are tired no matter how much they sleep.
I believe in listening to your body and giving it what it needs. After my stroke I think I slept for 2 months my husband would wake me to eat, take pills and go to my therapy. I would fall asleep without finishing my food. I think my brain needed this time to heal and one to the meds topamax was knocking me out too. Thankfully my primary noticed and asked I be taking off it.
Keeping a routine of going to bed and waking up, eating is important.

Fatigue is such a difficult thing to handle. My crainotomy (cerebellar AVM) was 24 years ago, but the fatigue is something I will never forget! I tossed and turned at night, recounting the details of the what brought me to call 911, the hospitalization, and my desire to recover and return to work. Nonrestful sleep. After breakfast and walking with a family member, I felt compelled to nap, nap, nap. Yet, some individuals would encourage me to get up and “do something.” Then, the meds. Take the naps you need. Get up, get some physical and mild mental exercise. But, nap, if you need to do so. Have you discussed this with a trusted neurologist/neurosurgeon?

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I completely agree about listening to your body Angela. It will let you know what it needs and sleep is what it needs to recover. Take care. Lulu

Lulu very interesting article. I am 59 and very fit but had blood clot in Dural fistula. Ever since this I have suffered extreme tiredness and can happen at any time. I have been tested for all kinds of things but no explanation can be found. Before it all started I was fine with no problems.

I also could sleep for days and days. Then force myself to stay awake for 2-3 days. I still do that and don’t understand it. What is it?