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Great news, Richard! Relax, and recover.

Seenie and everyone at ModSupport


Hi Richard,
That is great news, I wish you a pain free speedy recovery.


Fantastic news take it easy and relax we will be here whenever you are ready :slight_smile: , Thanks for the sneaky post made me relax a little seeing you were doing good.




Just to let you know… got home yesterday afternoon. Feeling less dizzy but still got a headache and sore entry points, so will continue to take it easy.

Interestingly, consultant radiologist used PHIL (precipitating hydrophobic injectable liquid) not onyx. So far as he has explained, he filled my dural AVF, filled some draining veins on the outside of my head and removed a thrombosis from my right transverse sinus. I’ve got a tiny (6mm?) incision in left & right groin. Isn’t it amazing how tiny an intrusion they can leave, other than a poorly feeling head?

Thank you for all of the support given. It has been great.

I’ll catch you sometime soon.



Great news Richard… take it easy now

Reena x


Richard, Take it easy :slight_smile: , Great to hear that your on the mend :slight_smile:


Relax and try to enjoy the peace and quiet!
Thanks for keeping us in the loop. We worry, you know!


lol…its one hell of a shock.


Take care…



Great to hear Richard, get the rest you need! Take Care, John