Explaining Catheter Embolisation

I’m up for a catheter embolisation procedure next week… I explained it to my dad as a bit like an extreme form of keyhole surgery. You’ll never guess what he sent me… :joy:

Love all,



Bahahahaha(funny not funny) As I sit here thinking never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be having brain surgery🙃

What day are you in Richard? I look forward to hearing from you post procedure and you’ll certainly be in my thoughts and prayers!

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Thank you! I wasn’t going to let on exactly… but I’m up on Monday.

:joy::joy::joy: DickD, I needed this laugh, I can only imagine, thank you! Good luck with surgery!

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Good luck Richard! I will be thinking of you.

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Good luck Richard, be thinking of you! Keep us posted when you can.

lol, This is great , As someone who only had 2 craniotomies and no embolization’s, I’m not sure what to expect to be honest, I think it would be like having an Angiogram but takes longer ?. Either way wishing you the best and know you got this !, Take care Richard and will be thinking of you on the day.



I’m doing a bit of a combination angiogram & embolization. I have some difficulties with surgical stuff so the Consultant Radiologist I’m seeing said “we’ll do both angiogram and the embolisation in the same sitting, both under general.” 2-3 hours quoted today for the embolisation. Forgot to ask how much extra the angiogram and thinking/planning time would add but let’s assume 3-4h for the lot.

Insertion point for the embo is top of thigh, where it creates a crease with your trunk. Might go in both legs!! Lovely.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a cheery topic so I’ll stop there!

Love all,


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Hehehe to I have had to go through that but without the embo general Angio due to how deep they had to go

Wanting to get the message out good and early between time change which I think is 8 hours ahead and being away from the computer for a good chunk of tomorrow. All the best to you Richard on Monday, we’ll be thinking of you and yours on Monday! Take Care! John

John, thank you. Thanks to everyone! See you soon,


Dear Richard,

Tell your dad he did great sending this cartoon–I love it. Make a copy and give it to your surgeon in case he has not seen it. Two years ago I had a two part embolization (meaning one in February and one in April but both working on the same vein). When they were done, I felt good.

Good luck to you.


PS Thank god for humor!

Yeah, my dad’s a bit special. He draws all the time. Here is another example of his line of thinking…

I love your Daddy’s sense of humor!
Wishing you an easy-peasy procedure tomorrow–Unless I got my dates wrong! Either way, feel good, recover quickly and sending you nothing but positive thoughts!

All the very best!

He draws–wow, how cool!! That makes the cartoon even more special! Like
this one, too.

Thanks for sending it to me.


Hope all is going well today Richard.


Hello! Marathon angiogram, arterio-, venal-embolization and thrombus removal session yesterday.

Very dizzy today but doctor thinks he’s fixed me in one sitting, so that is good.

Mrs D not allowing me my phone but I’m sneaking this message out!..

Thank you to everyone for their messages of good luck, prayers and thoughtfulness. This is much of what we can do for each other as a community. Thank you.

Catch you (not too) soon!



That’s great news Richard! But do make sure you rest recover!
Wishing a speedy recovery,
Fly right!