Experts for AVMs in Germany or Sweden


Hi. I am looking for expert AVM teams in Germany or Sweden. Any views on hospitals in these two countries and/or doctors?
In particular any feedback on a) Munich University Hospital b) Karolinska in Sweden?


nothing to say about your options, but Karolinska
seems to be reliable
as for professionals: Germany Interventional Radiologist Recommendation


Noted. Thanks a lot.


Hy Lazaros,

Unfortunately I don’t know anyone in Germany, but I can recommend the Kepler Universitätsklinikum from Linz, Austria leaded by Andreas Gruber who is representing Europe in EANS with the AVM topic. He is no longer doing surgeries but he has a great team, last summer I had an appointment with one of his team members, Dr. Wolfgang Thomae who helped me a lot to choose the best treatment for my AVM. I can strongly recommend him. http://www.der-neurochirurg.at/


Noted. Thank you Bea