What kind of exercise is everyone doing any Zumba,yoga etc.

Hi Sheba, I remember welcoming you and looked at your profile so I know your injury was recent. Please check with your neurologist before embarking on any exercise program. During the first 9 months after my t.b.i., I brisk walked for an hour at least 3 times each week with my husband plus I used an exercise bike. Well, after my physical therapy ended, my husband hired a personal trainer who comes to my house 3 mornings each week and I pay her with my Social Security Disability. She works with me on strength training and balance. Several times each week I do cardio using our exercise bicycle or brisk walking in good weather. Oh, my trainer is certified to teach yoga and Pilates so she has introduced some poses for me and as I get stronger I will incorporate more yoga. I am a huge exercise advocate for recovery and excited to see your question. Best wishes for your recovery.

Thank you Susan I’m probably jumping the gun meeting with the second neurosurgeon Monday to schedule the angiogram just preparing .

Make sure you check with your doctor
I go for walks lift light weights and pilates

I did Middle Eastern dance quite a bit before my diagnosis for my AVM & aneurysms. My neurosurgeon told me it was fine to continue. I was back at dance class 4 weeks after the craniotomy to clip the aneurysms in 2012. However, I haven't really danced regularly since then--partly because I was just so tired all the time when I went back to work that I didn't have the energy to drive the 40 miles each way into Houston to go to class in the evenings & I slept most of the weekend. Then, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer, and I had her move in with me so I could take care of her & so she'd be closer to M.D. Anderson for treatment.

I need to get back into dance classes--it is a great stress relief & I could use the exercise!