Exams & avm

Just wanted to air my anger at the lack of support from the education system and if any one has been through a similar situation…
My AVM decided to become known during the summer before my last year at college. I am now in the last few weeks of college/ 6th form, attempting to sit the most important exams of my life. I had GK at the end of 2011 and due to side effects like extreme fatigue, confusion and epilepsy, Ive had to miss a lot of college. At first they seemed to be very sympathetic, even though it was apparent they did little to find out what an AVM actually was. I attempted to home school myself for 3 months then gradually started going back. My absence meant, however, I now had no friends, I believe the saying is ‘out of sight, out of mind’ so had to go through it all by myself, with everybody staring and gossiping about me as I made the decision not to tell people what I had to avoid fake sympathy and fake friends. The school were flexible with me, told me I could come in when I felt well enough and made sure proper arrangements were made so that I was safe there. However the lead up to my exams they seemed to have a problem with me applying for special consideration, where you get marked generously on your circumstances. I was outraged by this as they are aware I have suffered a bleed on my brain which caused damaged to both sight and memory. They also didn’t seem to understand that my concoction of tablets and GK made it impossible for me to make it in for morning exams but made me go in anyway and couldn’t grasp why I seemed ‘out of it’ and vacant after explaining numerous times. I have also had to fight to receive extra time as my tablets make it difficult to write and I also suffer from confusion. I’m so angered by the whole situation and even AQA couldn’t resolve the matter and I know they can’t just give me the grade I want but some compassion for what I’ve been through would be nice. Everyone keeps telling me that grades aren’t everything and I have the rest of my life to take exams and get where I want to be but I’m tired of being told what I can’t do and this is the only thing I have control over if people would stop getting in my way.
I’d love to know if anyone has gone through this and had positive results