Everything is going fine 8 months after surgery

Hello, I am writing this post because I am happy and I want to share my good news with you. Last week I had my second MRI after surgery. The first one was only one month after and this was finally eight months after the removal of my AVM.

My neurosurgeon told me that everything was going fine and that I have to start forgetting about this “nightmare”. She told me that there were no more AVM and should continue with my life, the only thing that I should not play contact-sports in order to avoid hitting my head, nothing bad should happen if I hit my head, but is better not to try.

I was told that now they have to decide, in the nexth few weeks, if a angiogram is needed by the vascular-surgeon to confirm (again) that everything is fine or the MRI is just enough for him.

I asked about keppra and told me that I will stop taking that medicine next september, that would be just a year after surgery. I have not had any seizures at all and I taking 2x500 keppra every day since I was release from hospital.

They also told me that there is a minimun of two years in order to get the final medical release from the stroke and surgeries, so hopefully I will have another angiogram or MRI in the next year.

Thank you all for your support! :smiley:




That is great to hear! Well done! Thank you for sharing the news. We all need this kind of encouragement from time to time. Very best wishes,


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great news, i have my gamma knife 18th may, i am worried about any potential side affects which i am told could start at 6mths post op x

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Great news David! Thanks for posting, its always great to see/hear the positive stories and results as we deal with these things. Take Care, John.

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Super !! :slight_smile:

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