Everyone's avm is bigger and better here attitude

Location is what matters?

Hello I’m still in the beginning of my journey and I have only received help here which for me is a blessing. I apologize if you have encountered that.But don’t give up there is such a large spectrum of support for one another here it’s a blessing. God bless you.

God bless you too, Sheba!

I never heard any avm being better than another one. They are all bad news as far as I'm concerned.
To answer your question: The location does have a lot to do with the dangers involved with it should it bleed and/or the long term effect of having it.

Ben :)

I must agree with Ben...having an AVM anywhere sucks! I'm sorry if anyone made you feel like your AVM is less important than yours...I'm really surprised that someone here would do that, Tanner.

Depending on it's size and/or location, one AVM may be more difficult to treat than another...but that does not mean that it's any more or less traumatic for anyone who has one.

Tanner, as both Ben and Connie said...the size (small or large) of an AVM does not matter...however, having an AVM certainly matters.

As for location, it is easier for an AVM to be surgically removed depending if it's in a certain location in the brain.

Contact your doctor and discuss this issue with them as well.

I was told the smaller the AVM the lesser the chance of regrowth after crani. Has anyone else heard this?