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Ever been hit in the AVM?


I’ve had my heel kicked, stomped on, etc. numerous times over the last 11 years, and it SUCKS so much, every time.
I know that it’s just naturally going to happen because it’s a heel and it’s right there. It is inevitable, and accidents happen. Doesn’t change the fact that it hurts insanely bad.
Does this ever happen to anyone else with an extremity AVM? My parents always say “you must be overreacting, I’m sure it’s hurt worse than that before”
And. It’s literally rupturing my veins. Can anyone relate?

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Yes! My AVM is in the left foot, so ‘walking’ means pressing on it repeatedly every time I take a step with my left foot. On a good day, I’m only slightly limping and it’s bad for knees, the lower back and even for my ‘good foot’.

For me, the equivalent to your heel being kicked is accidentally stepping on a stone or the edge of stairs, and the thing digs right in the middle of the swelling :sob:

I’ve never experienced rupture, but people here often talk about it. Wonder if it will happen to me one day, or if it depends on the type of AVM!?


Hi Emma,

Sorry to hear this is an often experience for you. I can relate on a somewhat similar level. My AVM is on my face/chin area and I have to be careful about any potential hard hitting contact with it. When I was about 9 or 10 years old my doctor took me out of all contact sports after I was hit in the face with a dodge ball and landed myself in the hospital for a month. Since then it’s been something I’ve been more conscious of and it makes me nervous sometimes even when I do decide to participate in sports such as soccer or basketball; but there’s tons of other times where I get randomly hit in the face too.

It’s frustrating and annoying at times, and sometimes I get sad that it’s affected my life (e.g. by not being able to participate in sports I love, or having to be extra cautious). I imagine its also frustrating for you because your AVM is on your heel and that plays a part in day to day activities.

I’m here if you ever need to talk! All the best,


Mine is in my left forearm and elbow and every once in awhile, somebody just tries to grab my hand or elbow. It’s the worst.

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