Events near NJ

Hey guys do we have any events near New Jersey i would like to support and do something to help the cause and maybe share stories and experiences with people

I do not know of any…I will call my doctor’s office and find out if he knows of any… will let you know if so.

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Thank you appreciate that :slight_smile:

i know there is an avm support group in lawrenceville, but i don’t know the details since it is too far for me. i think it’s at st. lawrence rehab. in north jersey. are you north or south?

I am in north jersey North Arlington but place is still an hour away but i would def like to make a trip once or twice a month

brain-aneurysm-rwj-2018.pdf (127.8 KB)

Hi Andrew,

RWJH in New Brunswick has quarterly meeting where patients/physicians/HCPs meet to talk about AVM. Give it a try. I hope you find it helpful and informative.


Here is additional information: (294.4 KB)


This is all great info, so I’ve moved it to the North East AVM Survivor regional group. If you think it would be better elsewhere, let me know.

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I found the New Brunswick one as well…