Esther, and spam/phishing activities

To the AVM Survivor Membership,...At large.

RE: esther NY, NY, USA

esther is a "bot", a program used to send out mass e-mails to frauduently, (by any means possible), obtain our AVM Survivor Membership personal e-mail addresses.

Please,...DO NOT REPLY,...!!
Please,... DO NOT "FRIEND",...!!

Ignore this person's "page" and remove her from your friend's list. (if added)

As of Sunday 6-03-12 @ 6:22 am CDT, I deleted her from our membership for spam/phishing activities.

As a friendly reminder,...Please never send out your personal e-mail addresses to ANYONE you have reason not to trust completely.
Protect yourself and your personal internet identity.
If anyone asks for your e-mail address,...please use the AVM Survivor membership site e-mail provision.
This way you are protected.

Thank you all for your most kind attention to the above information.

Your friend,..