ESP anyone?

Hi, i am a AVM survivor, it is still active, really large (7cm) & untreated (i was taking trileptal until i found out that if i stopped for whatever reason it would bring on a mal, i didnt want to be a novartis-pharma slave)in the parietal & occipital area of my brain with some calcification, as far as i know it has not bled, i was told that due to it's large size they rarely bleed, i do get a mal once in a while with smaller ones in between if i talk too much and lose my breath (i do this a lot because im very passionate about certain stuff) or if i overdo it with the physical strain, the reason for this post is this, a lot of my dreams start of as such but then i see them in the waking world, be it places, structures, cities, people, it can be as long as years for the two to catch up, but most often than not they do, i can remember my dreams way more vividly and with uncanny detail than i do the waking world (i have a short term memory problem, because of all the weed i smoke lol), so i get a lot of deja vus resulting from this (when i actually see something that i saw first in my dreams), i also have a lot of luck (winning stuff), and most of the time if i want something whatever it might be i usually get it, even if it is beyond my reach; so my question is this, does anyone have any ESP experiences at all resulting from their AVMs?

Totally blew my mind! No! No ESP here! Just a very strong sense of smell that is ridiculous! No idea why I'm using exclamation points!!!!!!!!
I get a lot of de ja vu. I never win anything. My dreams are bizarre but I love them:) I had A LOT of dreams before my bleed last year. No idea how big the avm was, or how small. My dreams were typically end-of-the world type. A lot of weather, aliens, zombies, awesome stuff. The kind where'd you wake up and think...this must be what it's like in Speilbergs head. Just off-the-wall kind of stuff. Sometimes I'd be doing something cooking or showering or fricken walking and I'd get a flash of an image a breath long and it'd be like the whole dream replayed itself in that breath. Then the bleed and no dreams, talk about disappointment! I have a few here and there now, 1.5 years post bleed but they are slow in coming with large gaps between them. Waiting for the day to have them back. Good luck with your ESP, sounds awesome:)

Hi there, thanks for your reply kristi, yeah i get those end of the world scenarios as well, only i haven't had a deja vu from those because the world is not ending... yet! lol i'll get em when i see it happening tho', and the way you remembered them in a flash of a split second that is exactly as they come about, in a single breath; kinda like as they say that your whole life flashes before your very eyes, only it's not your life but a dream; i think i might know the reason why you haven't had them as often, if your life is going the way it should, in the direction it should, you will be getting a lot of deja vus, which basically mean that you lined up the dream world with this one, if however, you stray off the path you should be walking on, doing things you shouldn't, you can kiss the deja vu's good bye, cos' you ain't lining up shit xD shamans (who i trust more than men of god, or doctors for that matter, as they dont want money like they do lol) believe that the dream world is much like this one, the only difference is that our OWN will power shapes that one, and ALL of our will powers combined shape this one, that is the main reason humans can't fly in this world, because even if our will power is really strong, we would have to go against the will of everyone else in this planet, and their will says humans cannot fly, but we do however, fly in our dreams if our will power let's us, to this day scientists dont know much about gravity, there is not a definitive answer as to how it works or what it is, so why should we? there was an exercise i used to do when i was a teen and i had that kind of lucid dreams, it was meant to make my will power strong within the dreamscape, all i had to do was look at my hands, sounds easier said than done, believe me, it was something that required a conscious action on my part, in an unconscious state; trying to control oneself in an uncontrolled world is really hard, the first couple of times i tried looking at them, they didn't look like hands, i had streets, roads and bridges instead of fingers, but i could move them at will, it took me a while but after i got the hang of it i started to see all kinds of things in that world, i could go to other countries and talk to people there, fly about coast lines and beaches all over the world, waking up feeling like "holy shit where am i?" takes me a couple of seconds to realize that i am awake now; don't feel bummed out if they dont come about as often, CHANGE what you are doing in this world, and just watch it change the other one, cheers! kristi it's really nice to meet you, i have a feeling we will read each other often =]

What you say about de ja kind of trips me out. I always viewed de ja vu like this:
Fate or destiny is a predetermined path, one that is set for us by whomever or whatever you believe (God, Spirit, reincarnated Soul or what-have-you). I always thought that when I experience de ja vu...*sigh* have you ever read The Dark Tower series? They spend one of the first books explaining this path that they travel. It's like a....*Ugh* I'm now expreincing presque vu LOL. Like in Dreamcatcher, the man with the finger that circles and finds the path of others. It's like a path between dimensions or worlds or something, one that Fate or Destiny designed for us individually. (I'm really bad at explaining things).
When I experience de ja vu, I always say to myself, "I swear I had this dream," even when I can't recall the dream directly. It's so foggy and unclear that I feel like I'm crazy. Like I'm making it up as I go or something; which is why I started telling people about my dreams but obviously I currently have no need to do so since my dreams are so insanely sporadic now. But, my point is this. I always associated de ja vu with Fate/destiny. It's like it or they or whatever is telling me, "Hey, you're going where I showed you." Like, for instance, having such a major bleed didn't realy shock me at all. While I laid up in a Neuro ICU, hooked up on morphine, the Drs were shocked that it took me so long to finally ask, so what's the deal? They kept telling me how strange it was that I wasn't like, "Omg! Why is this happening? Why did this happen? How did this happen?" It just didn't surprise me. I felt like I already knew, like I had been prepping myself my whole life for this bullsh*t. I have my moments and they are pretty extreme but it took a REALLY long time for them to start.
Your saying about flying in dreams. There are theories about that. One most commonly known theory is the out-of-body experience. They say when you fly in your dream, it is your spirit or soul being guided, some say by your guardian or angel. Some say you're travelling a different plane, looking for that "path" I was talking about above. But I have no idea what it means when you"fall" back into bed, maybe that just proves the theory?????
I have done lucid dreaming after my crani when I realized I missed my dreams. They say if you lay in bed, perfectly still and ignore all the signs of your body telling you to stay awake, like twitching or scratching (ever notice when you are about to fall asleep, you start to itch?), if you ignore those and remain still, it's like dreaming with your eyes open. You hear things around you, everything in your dream FEELS so real, it's insane! Like tripping on acid in the gravitron! The colours are a blur but the people look so solid! The music spins with the room but there you are, just against the wall....solid and unmoving, your mind just tripping like crazy. Lucid dreaming is the best! Tricking your body into thinking you're asleep while your mind is fully idea how it works, but it does for me on occassion:)

Hi Monztrr,

Is what's going on is, you are having premonition dreams. You can work with these to your advantage. The good dreams - you just let them play out. Any bad dreams you may have - You can take notice when it's starting to play out in real life and possibly avoid a bad outcome.

I had a concussion when I was 19 (I'm now 50). That's when my intuitiveness and sensitivity started. I prefer using those words a lot better than saying "ESP".


Hi Ben,
thanks for the reply, i totally agree with you, i dont like saying ESP either but its a more commercially viable word that many people recognize and they kinda know what it relates to, way to sensationalized by the media if you ask me, which in turn makes people skeptic as to what it is and how it works; i'd rather call it enhanced perception, which is more or less what it really is.

you know by now that there are no coincidences, some of us are in tune with this notion of what reality really is, and some of us are not; some people live their whole lives not knowing jack, they commute, go to church, do as they were told and never question anything about their surroundings or their immediate reality, taking life for granted and caring only about the superficial hedonistic ways that human kind has embraced for centuries; im talking about almost 97% of people; another 2% are who really control their fates & destinies, they feed us with foods filled with cancer wholesomeness, serenate us with lies, and trick us into believing that human kind is reduced to a SS number and a first and last name; but we are way more than just what they have us believe; there is still another 1% that really knows what is going on, idk if as to maintain a balance as i never liked to ask "why?" it is a selfish question in nature, we use it to satisfy ourselves with the answer; we dont talk much of these things as they do tend to break our reality apart, they'll look at you like you are crazy if you talk about it; keep in mind that many people cant even remember a single dream they ever had, and some tend to have the "movie replay" dream, where they see almost everything they saw that day out of context in their minds as if watching a movie; so it's like going against the current, one has to be careful with this knowledge, it is not meant for everyone, only those that seek it find it, those that are still asleep never will until their dying day and it's already too late for them to do anything about it, that's why people with near death experiences act so "weird" when they come back, they know something's up, they just cant put their finger on it; i dont believe that the path is predetermined like before you are born, they are many parallel universes, functioning along side our main universe, with many different paths in all of them, in one i decided to go to med school while on another i got a bachelors in marketing, we can change these paths just by making a different choice in our lives and that takes us to a whole new universe, the more major the change the more major the changes in the universe; i have been studying quantum physics since i was 14, the whole theory about the string universe really blew me away, thanks to all the geeky sci fi movies we watch we think that one needs to enter a portal made by machines a la stargate lol but we (scientists not me but they told me too lol) now know that to enter a different universe all we have to do is wear different clothes, style our hair differently, go to another city, change of friend circles, etc. it might sound silly but it has a lot of logic behind it and in practice it really works! at this point scientists have discovered what many native spiritual guides have known for thousands of years, reality is not a predetermined finite path, but rather a test of inner strength and will power, it morphs and changes along with us, it shapes itself in real time to accomodate our will.
oh btw if you want to have a lucid dream easier just eat a lot of veggies in a week and stay clear of red meats or any other dead animal, get protein from vegetarian sources, bon voyage! ;]