Erin's gamma knife

First, I want to say hello. I have been absent for awile. Trying to regroup on my own, not sure why you guys are an amazing support system! Erin is done with embolization as her Dr. feels it is not safe to treat her avm in this way any longer! We had our meeting with the gamma knife specialist at Roswell in Buffalo and she is scheduled for her 1st gamma knife June 5th. She seems confidant with her decision as am I however, she has told me I can't be there if I am going to cry! Gotta love her spunk! Please someone tell me as a Mom how do I accomplish this! I don't care how old she is she is still my baby girl and to watch her go through all of this breaks my heart! No child should ever have to go through all of this, and no parent should ever have to watch their child endure all this pain! I can not imagine myself anywhere but with her on this day so, someone some good advice is needed!

I can't give advice on how not to cry. I can only tell you that I would feel exactly the same way if it were one of my children. We can be stronger than steel if it's our own pain but crumble at the thought of our children going through it. If it will help Erin though, perhaps you can go to the hospital right after the procedure. Meet her when it's over. You can still be nearby if she changes her mind but maybe respecting her wishes will give her extra confidence. Best of luck to you and Erin!

Well I have to say my husband and my parents where all by my side through all of my surgeries and I was the only one crying! Unless they hid it from me very well or I was to overwheled with what was going on that day that I wouldnt have seen it anyway. She will be gone for awhile so if you feel the need to let some tears flow let them go when she is getting her MRI done or having the halo put on or having the anigogram done! All of that is time consuming :) Its a long rough day and you will do great and be stronger than you think. We always are as Moms, even when we think we are going to break down we hold it in!! Hugs to you!!!!!!

P.s I had my gamma at roswell so I know the exact procedure she will go through... The hardest part on you will be the very end when the halo is off and the pressure headache she will have is horrible. Be prepared for that part of it. Hope that little heads up helps you. Not scare you to much. That was the worst part for my husband to see me in the pain at the end. Best of luck for you all

I've had two GK treatments so far (will have another in June)for my AVM & I had a crani to have two aneurysms clipped. I'm over 40, but my mom still calls me her "baby girl." She was at the hospital with me for all 3. She did much better at the GK than the crani. (She wasn't taking care of herself & seeing her own docs & ended up in the e.r. while I was in the neuro ICU).

My mom wasn't in the room with me when they removed the halo (my husband was), so she didn't see me start crying. She was nervous & talking nonstop the rest of the time, though. I think it helped that it wasn't just her in with me. My husband, my mom, and both of my husband's parents were with me for both GK treatments. All of the above + one of my brothers & their two girls were at the hospital for the crani, so she had people to talk with her so she wouldn't worry so much.

MOM i didn't say you couldn't be there if you were going to cry, i said that you would have to leave the room if you were going to cry! Right? Do you recall? Probably not your always to worried the doctor is going to yell at you to listen to me when we are there. Just remember the doctors words "pull it together mom your going to want to remember this"
For anyone who is lost at my first appointment she yelled at the nurse so i yelled at mom and she didnt like that so she started crying because i was mean to her and my doc told her she needed to pull it together.