ER----Oh what a day

Sorry I’ve been away for so long, but I haven’t been doing well. I’ve been having trouble with double vision. It was so bad I called the nurse hotline. I should of been calling my doctor, but sometimes that’s how my mind works. The nurse said that with my medical history, I need to go to the er immediately, so I did. I was there for 25 hrs…oh what a day. They ran some tests to confirm that the double vision didn’t have anything to do with my avms, which now they are calling aneurysms… with the double vision came excessive dizziness. I now have more doctor appt. I’m booked up to August. My mind just went blank, I guess I’ll go to bed, God bless you all!!!

25 hours! That is a totally ridiculous amount of time to wait around to be treated!

Connie I was being treated the whole time… they kept running different tests on me. When I arrived to the er I was seen in a matter of minutes, I arrived during shift change to. They wanted to make sure that the double vision wasn’t caused by my avms, well aneurysms. I also had to wait for a neurologist to look at me, he was on call. The very next day I had to see a specialist to look at my eyes. I’m a little better though, which is good.

that is not a good way to spend the day. I hope you are feeling better!