"Episode" question

Hi all!
It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, been focused on assisting in my sons recovery. I do have a question I thought you could help me with though…
My son is now 10 months into his recovery (post left temporal AVM rupture and resection) and is doing better than I ever thought possible, although he is now on anti -seizure meds following a seizure in April.
Yesterday when he woke up he felt “funny” and was unable to find the right words, or recall basic information (alphabet, where he was etc) for about ten minutes. He said he had no other symptoms, saw now flashing lights or no shaking etc. these symptoms have occurred before, usually when he was working out, but this time he had just woken up. Here’s the question: Has anyone here had a similar experience? His physician feels it’s just part of the continued healing process but I’m concerned. Thank you in advance for any comments you can provide.


That had to be pretty unsettling. If I were you I'd keep track of this kind of thing so that if it happens again, you have precise information to give to the doctor about dates, duration, the kind and amount of information that's hard for him to access etc., so if it happens more frequently or the duration is longer you have a better chance of seeing a pattern. Since you know that physical activity is sometimes linked to losing information, keep track of those times as well.

Exploring exactly what things he has trouble remembering is excellent. Checking for basic orientation (where are you, what year is it, do you know who I am, etc.) and then moving to things like saying 3 words and asking him to repeat them back to you or reciting the alphabet will help pinpoint how basic the information he's having trouble with is.

Hello. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the situation your son is having, but my son had episodes very similar to what you're explaining. The doctor diagnosed him with Absent seizures. They are said to be harmless and it never caused any additional symptoms or deficits.
Just another thing to consider.

Hi, don't like the sound of this at all. Did the Dr. clear him to "work out"? Maybe he's over doing it. Maybe not push so hard, we are a delicate breed. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I was not with him when it happend to get a better handle on his symptoms. But we continue to track it.

Thanks someone else told me about absent seizures, will have to dig a little deeper to get more information.

He was given clearance, no restrictions at all. I worried about the exercise thing as well but his neurologist was not concerned.

Thanks for your reply. Like you my sons AVM and bleed nearly killed him but he continues to
Improve. I’ll keep track of his symptoms and hope for the best.
Thanks again!