Epilepsy Surgery

Temporal lobe surgery set for 5/11. Can you believe it is a 14 day process? 1st stage, a craniotomy to lay the electro-grid directly onto the brain and 1 electrode deep into the Hippocampus to capture the most precise spot that is "short circuiting." When enough data is captured, the 2nd stage is the resection itself followed by the recovery. After extensive testing the expected outcome is there will be no damage, only the chance of a positive result. The estimated chance of this being curative is 50% - 60% (which in medicine means around 40%). It is at least expected to be helpful in reducing the amt. of seizures I have.
Wish me Luck!

The very best of luck! Do keep us posted.

I wish you the very best of luck, Jaime!

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Hi Jaime
Wishing you the very best of luck with your surgery. I will have my fingers crossed:)

All the best Jaime! lots of positive vibes being sent your way!