Epilepsy Surgery

After trying the pharmacological route of treatment for my epilepsy, failing every drug combo my Neurologists could come up with...It's time for surgical intervention. The only thing in the air right now is whether or not the best treatment is to have a resection of the faulty lobe or install a "neuropace" transmitter. a brain pacemaker basically. One more test, the WADA and one more conference by the MD's and I'll know more about which road to head down. I seem to be having seizures around every 10 days. Neither treatment will be a cure, but they stand the chance of reducing the amount I have. One fun fact: My Neurologist thinks the surgeon can probably remove the plate to do all of the work. No need to remove any more of my skull. how cool is that?

It looks like you have a medical background, so you know what you’re getting into. Did you get a second opinion? I wish you all the best!

Hi Tim,
I was preparing for Physician Assistant studies when the rupture happened. I went back to school after 2 yrs. even though my neurologists and neuro-psychologist said in a nice way, that it would be impossible to continue. Turns out they were right, oh well. I've discussed this with a couple of MD's, either surgical treatment has to be taken.

Jaime, I’ve read all your blogs and comments. I admire your courage and determination, despite the circumstances. Please keep us in the loop! :slight_smile:

Jaime, Are you referring to VNS therapy when you mention a "neuro pacer"? Vagus Nerve Stimulators are essentially pacemakers on the vagus nerve (outside the skull I believe?) that started about 15 yrs ago with Cyberonics. I have read both success stories and not so great cases with VNS. The fact that Cyberonics is still in business must be a positive though? Hope you find a solution to your seizures. GK

Hi Greg,
Neuopace is RNS. neuropace.com It sits on the skull and gets directly plugged into the brain. It's the newest treatment presented on the "market" VNS gets attached to your Vagus nerve and is placed at the clavicle. We discussed both VNS and RNS as possible treatment options and they say there is about a 1% chance of having effectiveness with me.

Looks like are you well informed, Jaime. Best of luck with any surgical intervention. It seems the stimulators may not be worth the time and associated risks with only 1% effectiveness. GK