Epilepsy seizures and music

Had an AVM perhaps 5-6 years ago at age 21. Since then have had "out of body experiences" which I am aware that they will be coming on as I "hear notes and this music of pending doom" I then feel out of body. Someone watching me will notice that I look into space for about 1 minute.

I recently had two more within 7 months the most recent this weekend. There was an added symptom which is "passing out". I was admitted to the hospital this time as I was in horrible pain in the back which the neurologist stated was from the "shaking" from the seizure. I was put on Kepra while in the hospital and will be on it until I seem more stabilized then they will switch me to something else. I remember when I had dilantim which really made me tired, crazy etc. What are your experiences with Kepra or lomityal (forgive my spelling). I have a job that requires being alert on the phone, and doing work on a computer needing concentration. Has anyone had any cognitive problems being on these meds?

Also has anyone "heard music" before the onset of a seizure?

My Dr opted to go with tegretol instead of keppra. As far as hearing music… Idk I’ll try to pay attention next time :slight_smile:

I was terrible tired and sleepy when I first started taking them, but I guess my body has adjusted to them as I am not as sleepy at work now. Still can take a nap anytime I get a chance though. That's probably due to the AVM though.

Are you taking Kepra or Dilantin? I understand that there is another med that I do not know the name that they give to students and others whose work requires a lot o concentration.

Hi....I cannot take Dilantin as when I had my brain hemorrhage, they discovered that I am allergic to Dilantin.

I've been on Keppra since then (7 years) and it does a great job preventing me from seizures.

are you allowed to drive since you have been without seizures for that long of a time period

I never had my license taken...so I do drive, but only very sort distances.