Epilepsy or brain swelling?

Hi all! I ´m exactly at the 11 months post gammaknife mark, but honestly I don´t know whats going on with me…on wednesday I had one of the worst days so far…feeling numb on my entire right side, couldn´t stand my arm up because it hurt a lot in the area I didn´t regained sensation again, very very confused and tired, not being able to think…I took half of a Clonazepam and went to sleep. Yesterday I was very good with all these symptons on a torable level and today again like wednesday…
I´m waiting for the 1 year MRI and the neurosurgeon put me on Keppra for the numbness saying I have an atypical epilepsy that only affects sensation…but I haven´t started yet…Please someone here can relate and say if all of this is in fact epilepsy or signs of brain edema?

I am in the same situation as you are.
I’ve had my gamma knife surgery(july, 2017) of AVM in my left parietal lobe which generally affects my right leg. Before the surgery i use to have seizures but after the surgery i started having these wierd seizures. That left my whole right side numb. Starting from right feet growing all the way to the neck and then to my right arm. It use to get all tingly and numb. I could move my arm or legs. But i use to regain my strength back in half an hour or an hour or so. But it use to happen frequently (3 time a week).
Judging from your experience and mine i think it’s a part of gamma radiation.
And also it’s epilepsy, as swelling is quite noticeable.
All the best!