Entry #1

In my eyes, the way I see it; looks are important when going about your life. And mine were totally shattered July 1. I never even really thought of myself as pretty before but I can seriously say I took my looks for granted. Now all I want is the movement in my face thats my fairytale, dream, imagination! I’m afraid I might not get it back; I can’t live through life like this, this isn’t a life at all. I never get out of the house I live in pain and agony everyday. Yes, I can say I am a 16 year old girl who cares about look, who is maybe a little too hard on herself and wants nothing but to be at least the ugly me before all this, and to tell you when I think about those times there wasn’t a single day where I was ever ugly or unattractive but I guess it’s too late now but if I do get my movement back I will deffinetly not take it for granted.

I know I’m not 16. But after my stroke, my smile leaned some, and due to spasisity my arm sticks out some. But know there are folks that understand. You hang in there. I’m sure without a doubt that you are beautiful both inside, and outside::)) Tell that to yourself every day…

katrina i am goad you love my photos and i like your shots i think you have what it takes to becomefreat at what you love when i look at a photo i see deeper into it .dont worry about what sort of camera you have if your mind is creative and i am sure yours is thats half the battle have 2 daughters one 25 and one 22 they both love photography its the simple things in life that matter and i know you will get there .i am reading a book called my stroke of in sight, written by avm survivor its worth reading take care and take more photos shane crotty