Empty old messages

How do I get rid of old messages?

Hi @Alison

Do you mean how to empty your Inbox and Sent box?

  1. Go to your messages by clicking on your icon (top right corner of any page).
  2. Click on the envelope icon. This will take you to your inbox.
  3. There is a little icon shown above the list of messages. It looks like this four rows of dots and lines " * —"
    Click on that. This allows you to select your messages. Tick as many as you like.
  4. Click on the “Archive” button or dustbin icon.

Alternatively, go into each message, scroll to the bottom and select “Archive” or the dustbin icon.

I’m not sure that the platform actually deletes stuff, a bit like Google mail, it just moves it to an archive.

Or, do you mean the notifications that are listed when you click on your icon?