Emotional Depression

When I Diagnosed With AVM...
I Feel So emotional Depress..
But I Cannot relay it with my Family..
I Need to be strong for them...
But when I got my self alone..
I feel Afraid..
I always think how Am I going to survive..
How can I live my life without think of my AVM..
Sometimes I feel lonely..
Sometimes I feel positive..
Sometimes I love to live my life to the fullest...
I can't tell to my friend how much depress Iam
because they dON'T understand what i'M GOING THROUGH...

Hi Mary. You might find this link useful…
You may wish to become friends with Armando who started this blog. He lives in The Phillipines too!

Thanks Ms. Barbara..

Oh Mary, you are in my prayers!!! One step at a time. You can do this and overcome it!!!

Blessings Mary, I don't pray but I've been there and I'm sending you my best wishes that you find a place of peace with your diagnosis xxx

We've all been there, Mary. We are here as we understand and want to support you through this. You're in my prayers!

Dear Mary,don't feel afraid. You are not alone. Give your family a chance and let them know how you really feel. I just started counseling myself. I was always trying to be positive but the truth is sometimes I don't feel positive. Please consider talking with a professional counselor.Be blessed and know You are not alone.God is always with you.

Mary huwag kang malulungkot. May laging nakasalalay sa atin. Hindi ako reliyoso pero may mas higit sa atin na tumitingin sa iyo. Naandito kami para sa iyo.

Hi Mary,
You've got a friend in me :))
I can fully understand you as I am also undergoing the same ordeal as you are going through now.