How long do you generally have to wait between embolizations? My first one was 10/12/12. My follow up is 11/13. Just trying to get a time frame. I know it varies depending on the AVM itself but i am curious. Hate this waiting.

Thanks. I hate waiting to have this thing taken care of.

I wanted my done ASAP so they did all 3 with in about 6 days and final one was to be morning of surgery to remove it then they would do final angiogram after surgery to check everthing was for sure gone!

I waited 1 week before having the 2nd round of embo. When i had my second embo i had my avm removal the following day

I wonder why things are moving so slow for me. Guess I will find out more when I go back for my follow up.

I had to wait 6 weeks between each of my embo's, but I think that was mostly because of the angio seal that they used took that long to dissolve.

I have my next embo Monday the 12th. Time to get this ball a rolling.