Marco had his embolization done yesterday May 10th and according to the interventional radiologist went very well. He said he managed to embolize the AVM and was happy with the results. The neurosurgeon decided that the craniotomy was not needed so we are going home today. 'The surgeon also said that there is a chance that the AVM could come back, the percentage was small but that it could happen. I still feel like they should have done the surgery just to completely clean it out and so we could be done with this but the doctors say different. We will be back to see the neurosurgeon in a month and will have an angio in a year; meanwhile I guess we will just have faith that the radiologist did get everything out and that there are no side effects later in the year. All in all I am happy to report that Marco is doing great he is a little sore in the groin area but he is talking and eating well. He is a little tired but that is to be expected he was very scared and didn't sleep well before being admitted. I thank you all for the wonderful support you have given us and will keep chatting with you.


That is wonderful news! All my best to you and Marco. xoxoxo

Absolutely wonderful news!!! My son Trevor goes in May 18th for an embolization. We are in a similar situation. Depending on what they can successfully do will dictate if he needs the craniotomy. Best wishes for continued health.