Could I get your experiences with embolization. .good and bad . And also radiotherapy. .need to decide on treatment course for my sons brain avm…he’s had to sm .bleeds not ruptured the small bleeds have done damage to preivrall vision …so treat or not 2 treat is the question. .any advice …

Hello Nuala
I have a fistula (DAVF) and my 1st angio/embolism was in 2012 mine was complex and retrograde (making the blood go backwards) it was about 7 hours total
I had a previous non related stroke about 10 months before this and my brain was still healing.
I had the glue and onyx treatment.
Now I did have a stroke again but was able to move and talk the next day- I was in a lot of pain but I do believe this was due to my brain still healing from the major stroke - I still do have left side occipital pain from this-
My second angio in 2015 showed that what they had left open had sealed itself thank goodness

I think the doctors normally do the embolism and if they cant get to something like the part they left open on purpose for me cause it would cause paralysis I think of my face they would of had to do something else.

They use Iodine and radiation for the angio which makes me sick for a few weeks the first time I was in bed for about 2 months again unusual because of my stroke.

Most people had some additional head pain for a week or two and some have no pain at all.

Obviously I can only tell you I am happy I got treatment even after I still have daily pain. It gave me great relief that when we did the 1st that we had done something to control it and stop the growing. After the second I was very happy that it sealed itself.

I still have scans to make sure nothing new is happening but now I fly where before I was afraid to fly or would limit my flying to 1 trip

since it seems to be doing damage to his eyesight I would want to know the risks for the each treatment and if you can try one and then do the other


look into Cyberknife radiation treatment