Having glue treatment of my frontal lobe avm july 7th what should i expect?

Hello Jasmine
Mine DAVF is behind my left ear so after my embolism which was glue and onyx I heard some popping sounds on and off for ten days. I did not have an bad side effects from the glue
I do know mountain girl on here is allergic and had a bad reaction
I know the glue can travel a bit and I figure that was the popping sounds I heard.

I had my 1st angiogram and embolism in 2012 after having a massive unrelated stroke in March of 2011 I had another stroke during my angio/embolism but was able to talk and move the next day.

I am also allergic to the iodine and had additional occipital pain on both sides and still have it on the left side where my DAVF is.

Good luck let us know how you are doing!